PALM Investment Management Pte. Ltd. is an alternative investment company primarily focused on investing in Japanese equities. The company’s name is derived from the flower language of the Palm Tree, which symbolizes “victory,” “success,” and “watching over you”. We aim to grow alongside the companies we invest in while monitoring their growth. The market environment undergoes significant changes daily, but we create alpha by investing in growth companies based on fundamental research, thus reducing market dependencies.

PALM Investment Management Pte. Ltd. は、主に日本株を投資するオルタナティブ資産運用会社です。会社の由来でもある Palm Tree(椰子)の花言葉は『勝利』、『成功』、『あなたを見守る』とあります。投資先企業の成長を見守りつつ、企業とともに当社も成長することを目指しています。市場環境は日々大きく移り変わっていきますが、ファンダメンタルズリサーチに基づき、成長企業に投資し、市場に左右されないアルファを創出します。

Mission Statement
Our mission is to grow together with our clients and the companies we invest in. By conducting asset management with a strong sense of purpose, we aim to build long-term relationships with our clients and investee companies.